Thomas Müller

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Thomas Müller, chiropodist, specialised in diabetic chiropody and therapeutic education for patients.

A graduate of the Geneva School of Chiropody in 1998, during my studies I developed a particular interest in the treatment of feet affected by diabetes. I became even more interested in this after doing an internship with Dr. B. Peter within the Chiropody Department of the Geneva University Hospitals. Following this, I decided to write my dissertation about therapeutic education such as is offered to diabetic patients.

My professional experience in the Hôpitaux du Léman hospital gave me the opportunity to participate in therapeutic education weeks, giving the ‘diabetic foot course’, and also developing treatment for diabetic feet by creating the ‘foot at risk’ consulting service which demonstrated its effectiveness over more than eighteen months. This treatment of feet at risk allows me to carry out preventative treatment in the field of neuropathy and/or arteriopathy, and avoids visible wounds.

I especially like the educational aspect of my job and the consulting services in particular are part of an education which is highly important in the global treatment of diabetes. In 2000 I started a course offered by Professor Jean-Philippe Assal and the Faculty of Medicine (Degree in the Therapeutic Education of Patients) so as to be able to develop these skills and I obtained a certificate in this field in September 2003.

Since September 2014, this interest has been developing within a Diabetic Foot Prevention and Education Consultation within the team of Dr. Matthieu Assal at the La Colline Clinic, Geneva. (

Since 2023, Thomas Müller has developed within the “Clinique La Colline” the “Therapeutic workshops around diabetes” accompanied by Dr. Bettina Peter Riesch, FMH diabetologist and Ms. Stephanie Barlet Navarro, ASDD dietician. These workshops offer two half-days education in groups of less than 10 patients in order to better understand how this disease works and how the treatments work, as well as its concrete implications in daily life.