Hygiene Charter

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Hygiene in the podiatric practice

Your health is at the centre of my concerns so I do all possible so as to avoid a bacterial or viral infection linked to non-sterile or dirty equipment.

Besides my initial training in hygiene and sterilisation by the representative of the Sterilisation Service at the Geneva University Hospitals, the practice meets all regulations of sanitisation and sterilisation currently in place in Switzerland.

The stainless steel instruments are routinely decontaminated in a bath of aldehyde free Gigasept R for an hour, then they are brushed, rinsed, dried and conditioned in sterilisation sachets of ‘Steridiamond ECS Steam’ and then heat sealed.

This is followed by a sterilisation process recommended by the Geneva University Hospitals at 135 degrees, for 18 minutes, at a pressure of 2.19 bars (or 31.8 pounds per square inch) then a 15 minute drying cycle, in a Aquarius 300B, a steam steriliser combining pressure and hot vapour.

The instruments are then sterile, thus avoiding the spread of pathogenic agents such as germs, fungi, viruses, or bacteria from one patient to another.