Diabetic feet

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Diabetes is a quite common condition linked to a problem of insulin release in the pancreas, together with problems of excess weight and physical inactivity.

This illness can have harmful consequences on the feet; in fact after several years of badly controlled diabetes, an elevated level of sugar can have the effect of blocking arteries (like cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking etc…) and nerve damage (sensitive neuropathy), especially those in the feet, meaning that the patient can barely or not at all feel the warning signal of pain for example.

These various complications of badly controlled diabetes must be screened for at least once a year.


Reimbursement of care for diabetic patients

Thomas Muller, podiatrist is authorized to invoice at the expense of LaMal.
To do this, the patient must submit a prescription which will be signed by their attending physician and the podiatrist.


During your treatment the following will be carried out :

    • Deep nerve sensitivity
    • Skin sensitivity
    • Foot blood flow
    • Skin and nail examination
  • So as to prevent wounds or blisters caused by rubbing.

  • Aiming to return your skin and nails to their best health.

  • During this treatment, we’ll talk about your knowledge of diabetes, what you do to maintain your feet, and I’ll give you advice to take care of them daily, to choose suitable shoes, and you’ll be able to tell us about any difficulties you have concerning the aftercare of your diabetes.

    I’ll send a podiatric file to your practising doctor and/or to your diabetologist so that they are up to date with the results and we can collaborate to the best of our abilities.

    My occupation as a chiropodist specialised in diabetic medicine is a professional resource at your service so that you can become an expert in your illness.