Orthopaedic Soles

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A podiatrist create, after an appropriate clinical examination, equipment designed either to relieve painful areas or to realign a general static posture which is causing problems.

In fact, conditions in the upper limbs, and in particular in the spinal column, are largely linked to postural imbalances caused by a bad static posture and so are often linked to problems that chiropody can treat.

    • Tendonitis (inflammation).
    • Problems with the foot structure (flat feet, valgus, varus, hollow or arched insteps).
    • Metatarsal pain (inflamed and painful insteps).
    • Morton’s Neuroma (inflammation and acute pain often in the third or fourth inter-metatarsal space).
    • Talalgia (pain in the heel).
    • Plantar fasciitis (pain in the heel and in the whole base of the foot).
    • Length difference in lower limbs.
    • Herniated disc.
    • Athletic pubalgia.
    • Knee pain.
    • Spasm.
    • Femoral-patellar syndrome (problems with the kneecap axis).
    • Heel spur.
    • Tarsal sinus syndrome.
    • Hallux valgus (bunion)
    • Claw or hammertoe
  • When walking or practising sports, the foot is put under a huge amount of mechanical constraints, amplified by any extra weight, a posture problem or the use of inappropriate shoes (shock absorption problems or inadequate ankle support for example).

    • A treatment which will aim to remove, using sterile equipment, your epidermal conditions.
    • A pair of orthopaedic soles after an in depth clinical exam.
    • Silicone orthoplasty to avoid blistering between toes or to reposition them.